Do you have a signature style?

My interiors are comfortable, relaxed and always meant to be lived in; it’s a warm modern aesthetic. I tailor each home to our client's taste while maintaining a sophisticated, easy-to-live-in style.  We want our clients to experience their daily lives surrounded by the things that matter and—even more--by the people that matter.


We love to travel! The TRC team has designed  homes from east coast to west including New York, The Hamptons and Los Angeles.   Wherever we find ourselves, we love collaborating with local artists and artisans to complete our homes.

What’s your personal definition of luxury?

To me, coming home after a long day of working really hard--and getting to experience your life in a setting that’s equal parts beautiful and crafted exactly to you and for you, is true luxury.  For me, personally, luxury is a large dining table that allows my large family to come over and gather around. (But they need to call first!)

What are your thoughts on color, you seem to love neutrals.

I really love a clean palette that’s draped in crisp white walls.  It’s great for letting the architecture, art and interiors really shine.  But some rooms just need to be moody, and I think they work brilliantly in tandem with my love of those crisp white spaces. Together, they speak to any of the emotions that come into play during the course of a normal day in your life.

When you start designing a space, how do you first approach it?

I’ve always loved having an emotional response when I walk into a home, a space, even into a room in museum.  That’s what I try to bring into every home I create, because while I love so many things about design, and my work, one thing I love the most is how it can transport you to other place, or another mood.  So my approach always starts with a conversation with my clients about the kind of emotion they want to feel in their home.